Nia comes full circle.

Nia Hâf yn ymuno â'r tîm

She was a small mouse in Sbri, a megaphone waving troupe leader in Ar y Stryd, a Trump-tshirt activist in Sbectol Haul and an employed freelance-artist in last year’s Gofod.

Nia Haf has been part of our extended family for a number of years – a member of our participatory projects for young people, volunteer, employed freelance artists – but now we’re delighted to announce that she has officially joined the team.

As our Young People’s Engagement Artist, Nia will work alongside Mari to encourage more young people to take part in our participatory programmes.

“My role will be to use the arts to reach out to more young people in more areas. We’ve got a really exciting calendar of activities for young people so I’m looking forward to working on these these – and to do cool stuff!”

So, Frân Wen gets its second Nia*.

Welcome Nia no. 2.

*Nia mark 1 has been part of the furniture here since 2001