The shape of it

‘The shape of it’ was created by Jess Balla as part of a creative opportunity offered by Pontio Bangor alongside the development of our drama Anweledig by Aled Jones Williams.

The work responds to themes and imagery arising from the drama, which is inspired by medical records from Denbigh mental health hospital and follows Glenda’s fiercely personal anguish as she confronts her invisible illness and faces life outside the hospital.

The sea is a recurring motif within both the drama and ‘The shape of it’, providing a source of hope for Glenda. Footage of waves and remote landscapes are layered with help from fellow film-maker Casey Raymond and are then overlaid with Jess’s rotoscope animation, bringing Aled Jones Williams’ imagery to life. The sound-track, created with long-time collaborator Danny Martin (Anelog), includes voice recordings from the production and combined with the mesmerizing imagery creates a moving experience for the viewer.

The Shape of It  Jessica Balla