Fa’ma Nefyn

Night-time guided tours to experience Nefyn through the eyes of young people.

This weekend Nefyn will host a series of special tours told through the eyes of the young people who live in the town.

Over 30 young people have been working with Frân Wen theatre company to create free walking tours packed full of art, music and film.

“The fa’ma tours belong to a series of unexpected events that bring the voices of young people to life,” said lead artist Elgan Rhys.

“It’s an ambitious creative project where young people in rural communities in North West Wales collaborated with professional artists to create their own perspective of where they live.”

The artistic team includes playwright Mared Llywelyn, photographer Giles Bennett, composer Sam Humphreys and visual artist Rhys Grail.

“Working with the artists, the young people have created multi-media art that shines a light on what their town means to them,” added Elgan.

“We’re inviting the whole community to witness what the young people have to say – and get the chance to see the world through new eyes.”


As part of a wider series of unexpected events, the weekend will see Nefyn decorated with temporary chalk graffiti challenging where power lies in society, portraits of young people in unexpected places and a speed-meet event between young people and the wider community.

“We’ve been going around Nefyn and talking about what the town really means to us, and the special places we have here,” said Gwenllian, one of the young people involved in creating the tours.

“To participate we encourage people to register online for free, although it will be possible to register on the evening in Y Ganolfan.”


Nia Hâf from Frân Wen said: “The tours will give an insight into the real stories of Nefyn. We’ve been working with an inspiring group of young people under 18 and it’s been a real eye opener to hear these stories from the various locations around the town.”

“We’ve also been working with young people in Ysgol Botwnnog to ensure we had a variety of voices from the area.”

Fa’ma has been created by the young people in partnership with Gwasanaeth Ieuenctid Gwynedd and supported by Gwynedd Community Arts and Arts Council of Wales.

The experience will be also available digitally on Frân Wen’s website in late November.


6pm – 7pm

6pm – 7pm

Each guided tour lasts approx 1 hour.

Tours start at Y Ganolfan at 6pm, 6.15pm, 6.30pm, 6.45pm and 7pm on both nights. Limited number of spaces available.