TWRW DAN A DICW / November 2018

A show full of friendship, play and music for under 7s.

Join us this Winter to meet Dan and Dicw – two very different people from very different worlds

Dicw is a nervous little boy. In his modern, tech-filled world it’s easy to get lost for hours watching videos and playing games. But Dicw isn’t one to climb trees, wander through forests or let his imagination run free.

We all know children like Dicw. But when he’s sent out of his house one afternoon, Dicw comes across Dan – a completely different character who lives in the wild.

Both have to find a new way of communicating – but how?

Manon Steffan Ros’ Twrw Dan a Dicw is a magical and joyful journey of unfamiliar discovery through play and music.

A Welsh language theatre show for key stage 1 pupils (age 3 to 7).

Twrw Dan y Dicw will tour North Wales schools between 5th of November and the 14th of December 2018.



Creative Team

Author: Manon Steffan Ros
Director: Elgan Rhys
Cast: Rhianna Loren a Owen Alun Williams
Music: Robin Edwards
Design: Heledd Rees

A word with the author

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Everybody can become friends.

Addiction to screens, loneliness and confidence issues. Twrw Dan a Dicw tackles the problems that children have in today’s modern world in a sensitive and insightful way.

In the show, these new friends have lessons to learn, and they find a compromise that brings them closer. Music and rhythms are used to communicate, and by the end, it becomes obvious that friendships can exist no matter how different people are.

The fact that the majority of the communication doesn’t involve words means that Twrw Dan a Dicw is suitable for a wide range of audiences, and the message is clear – everybody can become friends.