SBECTOL / July 2015

Leading artists from the Welsh music scene and theatre | Market Hall | Caernarfon | 26 young people | 6 artists | 1 gig

Sbectol project from Brain uses the Welsh language rock scene to introduce young people to the world of theatre.

Following a 15 day lock-in in Caernarfon’s Market Hall, 30 young people and 8 professional artists created a one-off and unique theatrical performance combined with a music gig.

The gig with a difference (28/07/15) included Candelas, Mr Phormula and a new group called Sbectol.

Sbectol was the top-secret pseudonym of the theatrical performance from the young crew.

Porject co-ordinator Gwennan Mair siad: “We didn’t set out to dupe the young audience, it was all about showing them that artistic performance come in all shapes and sizes and can entertain us all. Theatre doesn’t have to be confined to traditional stage.

“Even though the unexpected met the expected head-on, the audience reaction was superb – we were all overwhelmed by their response.”

The performance was sold-out within 2 weeks of going on sale.