LLEDRITH / June 2018

Enter the world of Lledrith, a live immersive theatre project between Ysgol Pendalar & Frân Wen.

A pioneering arts project between Ysgol Pendalar & Frân Wen will transform old shipping containers into a live immersive theatre experience.

Thanks to support from Arts Council Wales’ Creative Collaboration progamme, the pupils at the special needs school in Caernarfon are working alongside our team of professional artists to create a magical walk-through experience on the school grounds.

We’re proud to be working alongside Ysgol Pendalar as the culmination of their 10th anniversary of their new site.

“Lledrith has been created so that everyone, no matter what their needs, can enjoy and immerse themselves in the magic of theatre,” said visual artist Mirain Fflur, who leads the project for Frân Wen.

“Works of interactive art is often adapted for those with profound needs but, by working with the pupils at Ysgol Pendalar, we’ve been able to design it for them.”

Lledrith has been funded through the Arts Council Wales Creative Collaborations scheme which encourages schools and arts organisations to develop ambitious and sustained art projects.

The school recognised that developing learning through the arts is a key priority, and together we’re creating an ambitious project to inspire and re-enforce the transformational value of the arts.

Bethan Morris Jones, Head of Ysgol Pendalar, said: “Developing appreciation for art and theatre is a seed that we can plant in pupils that can create an interest for life. But giving pupils opportunities to work with professional artists stimulates their creativity and leads to a standard of work that exceeds any curricular criteria.

“This experience has opened our eyes as educators to the wealth of Pendalar’s creative talents, and their willingness to venture.”

“I’m grateful to the Arts Council Wales, Frân Wen, Mirain and all the artists for their vision to push the boundaries of art and creative capacity in a way that I have never experienced at a school before.”

A team of visual artists and performers will develop and create the immersive installation that will include elements of visual art, sound, music, film and sensory experiences.

Our aim is to share the interactive creation with the pupils and the wider school community that includes families, friends and employees and support agencies.

“It will be a strong celebration of the power of creativity that will hopefully nurture a sense of pride in the art,” added Mirain.

Remember, in Lledrith anything is possible.