Young people creating, leading and presenting.

The Young Company create ambitious, multi-disciplinary theatre that celebrates what it means to be a young person in North West Wales today.

They meet all year round to:

  • Create, produce and share theatre alongside the most dynamic professional artists.
  • Develop their unique artistry through skill-sharing workshops and masterclasses with leading theatre makers.
  • Visit innovative theatres across the UK, to experience the most relevant and bold theatre out there.
  • Play a pivotal part in Frân Wen’s decision making, programming and governance.
  • Be the voice of North West Wales through cultural exchange, development and collaboration.


“This is a platform for connectivity and expression, the hotbed for all the work we make at Fran Wen. I am totally inspired by their passion and commitment as they utilise space and time to redefine theatre and communicate with the world. The company (and the work) is honest, complex, surprising, compassionate and colourful”
Gethin Evans, Frân Wen Artistic Director.

“It was completely different to anything else I’ve done. Everyone says there no such thing as wrong in creating, but with Frân Wen I felt this for the first time. Community is the best word to describe it, not one person’s ideas was more important than another. Team working at its best. “
Hedydd Ioan, Member Of Young Company 2017 – 2020.