A theatre production by Frân Wen’s Young Company.

**LIVE, 7pm, FRIDAY 19 JUNE**

You’ll be able see the live stream on this video at 7pm:

On the 31st of December 2019 the first coronavirus case was confirmed in Wuhan, China… 120960 minutes later and the world is in lockdown.

Where will we be in another 120960 minutes?
What’s going to happen over the coming months?
No routine. Stuck in house all day, every day.

In 120960 minutes time Frân Wen’s Young Company will share a brand new piece of work that explores this new world. On a platform to be confirmed, the performance will be broadcast online.

During these 120960 minutes, Frân Wen’s Young Company and a team of professional artists will explore this new world and celebrate humanity through interactive workshops. We’ll share bits and pieces along the way, but otherwise we’ll see you 120960 minutes.


Mewn byd ble mae pobl yn sydyn iawn i basio barn ar ein cenhedlaeth ni – mae’n amser i chi glywed ein hochr ni o’r ddadl.

Mae 120960 yn fewnwelediad gonest i brofiadau pobl ifanc Cymru yn ystod yr argyfwng Covid-19 – ar lefel bersonol ac fel cenhedlaeth. Rydym eisiau dangos yr ochrau digri a gwirion o’r cyfnod yma – golygfeydd y bydd pawb yn gyfarwydd â nhw.

Owain Sion, 15 o Lanfairpwll


Young Company

Who or what is the Young Company

The Young Company creates ambitious, multi-disciplinary theatre that celebrates what it means to be a young person in North West Wales today.

According to Gethin Evans (our Artistic Director), it is “a platform for connectivity and expression, the hotbed for all the work we make at Fran Wen. I am totally inspired by their passion and commitment as they utilise space and time to redefine theatre and communicate with the world. The company (and the work) is honest, complex, surprising, compassionate and colourful”

More info about the Young Company.

Young Company

The 35 strong cast are working together with actor and author Hanna Jarman, video director Nico Dafydd and our very own Gethin and Mari to create 120960.

Image: unsplash-logoAnnie Spratt