30 strong young cast re-interpret time

New theatre production created and performed by 30 young people explores how routine and communication has changed since the enforced lock-down in Wales.

**LIVE, 7pm, FRIDAY 19 JUNE**

You’ll be able see the live stream on this video at 7pm:

Created against the backdrop of covid-19, 120960 has been developed directly by young people and uses their words and opinions to reveal how the crisis has impacted their lives – especially the need to connect with others and discovering new ways of doing this.

“Because the cast has continued to develop the production throughout, we’ve witnessed the highs and lows, the submissive and the frustration of the lock-down,” said Gethin Evans, Artistic Director of Frân Wen.

The 120960 concept comes from first coronavirus case was confirmed in Wuhan, China and how it has affected young people since then.

“Our first rehearsal was exactly 120960 minutes after the first case was confirmed, and the production will be performed exactly 120960 minutes from that point. It’s a real insight into how time has affected us all during this extraordinary period in our lives,” added Gethin.

“The lockdown has redefined the meaning of time for us all – our lives are built around structure and routine so when this was ripped away it left us all questioning our relationship with time.”

The performance will be streamed live on Frân Wen’s YouTube channel and the app AM on June 19 at 7pm.

Rehearsals captured by Kristina Banholzer.

Cast member Owain Sion, 15 from Llanfairpwll, said: “In a world where people are quick to pass judgment on our generation – it’s time to hear our side of the story.”

120960 is an honest insight into the experiences of young people of Wales during the Covid-19 crisis – both personally and as a generation. We want to show the funny and silly sides of this period – scenes that everyone will be familiar with.

“We’ll also be sharing those thoughts and emotions that we are not familiar with, the things that get us down during lockdown. With these two extremes meeting, the audience can expect a feast of feelings, judgments and… beans? ”

Directed by Gethin Evans, the Young Company are also working with artists Mari Morgan, Hanna Jarman, Nico Dafydd, Hanna Lynn Hughes and Endaf Roberts.

“We’re working with the Young Company to help them create this dramatic structure. We try and inspire and encourage them to have more confidence in their own work – and to create,” said writer and dramaturge Hanna Jarman.

“Under these weird and unfamiliar circumstances, the work they are producing is brilliant – and I’m really excited to see the fruits of their labour come alive on screen.”

The show, which is a clash of live and video art theatre is being produced by Frân Wen’s Young Company. The company creates multidisciplinary theater that celebrates what it means to be a young person in North West Wales today.

Added Gethin: “Our Young Company is a place where everyone, no matter their background, is accepted and welcomed. We show young people from all walks of life that their voice really matters.”